Stamina Meaning: The Ability of the Body/Mind to perform some action for a Specific time (in Hindi: सहनशीलता/ दम-खम )

Things to Consider for Stamina Booster

  1. Prepare a goal (For What you want to Boost Stamina) and measure your current stamina.
  2. To boost up your Stamina – Eat Healthy, do Regular Exercise, and Sleep Well.
  3. Your Stamina is 50% Will Power and 50% Body Strength, and both can be improved.

Supplements/Stamina Boosters Pills/ Products must be taken by doctor advice.

Start Tracking Your Stamina from Today – Download the 10 Days Stamina Tracker Chart Below

Basics to Boost up Your Stamina:

Eat Healthy (

1. EAT Healthy

  • Banana is useful as Stamina Booster
  • Know What to Eat and When to Eat
  • Plan Proper Amount of Drinking Water
  • Try to Avoid Fast-Food in Daily Life
  • Eggs and Meat also helps in Diet
  • Do not take a bath after Eating

Exercise daily (

2. Exercise Daily

  • 40 Min. Daily Total Walk is Good Exercise
  • If you Like 10 Min. of Running is Good
  • Start with 5 Push ups for Heart Stamina
  • 10 Min. of Cycling Daily
  • 10 Min. of Medication
  • 20 min. Pranayam Gives you energy for a day

Sleep Well (

3. Sleep Well

  • A Good Sleep helps to kill the Stress
  • Sleeping for 8hrs Recharge your Body Parts Energy.
  • Dont drink water before sleeping (to avoide nightmares)
  • Sleeping on Left Hand Side gives a Calm Sleep
  • Cuddle your Partner/Child before Sleep (Removes Stress)
  • Warm Water Bath can Remove your Body Stress before sleep

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