7 Easy Exercise for Stamina Building at Home 2021

Body Building is different from Stamina Building. You can simply do Easy Exercise for Stamina Building at home and stay fit and energetic.

If you are already eating good food for boosting your stamina then you have already achieved the 40% Goal for Stamina Building.

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Stamina comes from 50% of your Body Strength and 50% of Mind Strength. So it is important to choose the right exercise that will circulate Oxygen & Blood, not fatigue and Muscle Stress.

Building Stamina is Building Capacity follow the exercise but do as per your capacity, and then increase it step by step.

Exercise for Stamina Building at Home
Easy to Do Exercise at Home

List of Exercise for Stamina Building

  • 30 Min. Walk Daily
  • 10 Min. Running Daily
  • 60 Stair Walks Daily
  • 5 Push up Daily
  • 10 Min Cycling Daily
  • 10 Min. Pranayam Daily
  • 10 Min. Meditation Daily
  • Bonus Exercise Tip

All 7 Exercises given above are easy to do at home and you will not feel exhausted after doing them.

Consistency is More important than over exercise so start small but be regular

For example: If you cant do 5 Push-ups at once take a break in between. Follow this for 3 days and take a break on the 4th day.

1. 30 Minutes Walk Daily:

Not for beginners, you can start with a Small walk; If you are new dot it for 10 Minutes 3 times a day. This will complete your daily goal and you still have the energy to do other work.

Those who can walk for 30 minutes at once daily can improve their speed of walking. There is no need to stretch your limit if you are following this exercise it is enough for Stamina building.

2. 10 Minutes Running Daily:

Running is not possible for beginners so you can start with Walking Goal. Once you achieve the Walking Exercise Goal Start Fast Walking and soon you will be able to complete the Running Exercise too.

10 Minutes Running Daily will increase your blood circulation and Oxygen supply. Do this exercise in Low polluted areas to get Fresh Oxygen.

Running in the Morning Time will make you feel fresh for the whole day.

3. 60 Stairs Walk Daily:

Stair walking is a Good Exercise for the Heart, If you have two options Stairs/Lift try to go with Stairs if you have no luggage.

I Prefer to take stairs when I leave to office in the morning, and when I come back tired I choose to go with the Lift.

60 Stairs is just a number you can prefer any number you can sustain, do not overdo any exercise just for the sake of Boosting Stamina.

4. 5 Pus-ups Daily:

Now it’s in your interest, if you are loving the Exercise for Stamina Building at Home you can start Pushups at home.

5 Pushups are not so hard to get started with, and you can continue this exercise daily. Those who want to increase the intensity can go for 2 sets of 10 Push-ups.

5. 10 Min Cycling Daily:

Cycling is based on interest, if you have that much time and a bicycle you can go out on Bicycle.

If you prefer to take a bicycle to nearby places like shops within a 2km area then you can complete this exercise goal too.

Cycling can boost Blood circulation and improve digestion and hence it helps in stamina boosting.

6. 10 Minutes of Pranayam Daily:

Pranayam contains various activities; Pranayam mainly focuses on Breathing exercises that boost up Oxygen in our body.

You will find video tutorials for KapalBharti, AnulomVilom, Bhramari, etc on YouTube. Start Practicing them but be careful while doing it.

Some Pranayam Like KapalBharti should be done properly otherwise can cause stomach issues.

7. 10 Minutes of Meditation Daily:

Medication is a tough part and you might need proper training to medicate without any disturbances.

Less use of Mobile Phone, laptop, TV can help you calm down and concentrate and hence in meditation also.

Medication helps you to make your body calm and relieve stress, it also helps to relax your body.

The Bonus Exercise for Stamina Building:

Now is the time for Bonus Exercise, actually it’s not an exercise but a trick to increase the oxygen levels in our body.

Oxygen supply plays an important role in Stamina building in our body. And we can achieve it by doing a quick exercise name Proning Exercise.

Check out the Proning Exercise for Selfcare.PDF Guide

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