Best Food to Boost Stamina 2021 – Pros & Cons

Good Food + Regular Exercise + Enough Sleep is the Basic Mantra for Better Stamina. Today I will share the Best Food to Boost Stamina and some Vitamins boosting energy levels.

Our Mind decides any action based on the signals it gets from our body parts. And we feel Low Stamina or Fatigue because of Low oxygen supply or lack of nutrients.

Oxygen supply can be increased by following a Regular Exercise Plan and a lack of Nutrients can be gained by eating Good Food or Supplements.

Nutrients that help as Stamina Booster:

  • Complex carbs – (Gives Glucose)
  • Vitamin D – (develop Muscles)
  • proteins – (Repair Muscles)
  • Vitamin C – (for Immune System)
  • Vitamin B – (Grow Endurance)
  • IRON – (Increase RBC count)
  • L-theanine – (Refresh Mood)

These Nutrients are naturally present in our body we can boost them using Good Food+Suppliments. Check out the list of Best Food that contains these Vitamins/Proteins/iron.

Eat Healthy (
Best Food to Boost Stamina

List of the Best Food to Boost Stamina:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Banana
  • Almonds/Peanuts
  • Eggs & Fishes
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • yogurt
  • Dark chocolate
  • Oranges (Vitamin C)
  • Beans (proteins)

1. Ashwagandha:

You will find Ashwangadha in Powder or Tablet form in the Ayurvedic Medical shop. This Ashwangadha is treated as a tonic in Ayurveda.

Ashwagandha is preferred to improve Physical and Mental health (Stress and anxiety).

Even if the Ashwagandha helps us to improve our immune system and heal swelling; It is advised to take Ashwagandha by doctors advice.

2. Banana:

Eating bananas on an empty stomach is suggested to improve strength, Most gym lovers eat Bananas in their diet because Bananas are considered the best pre-workout snacks.

Bananas are a rich source of potassium, complex carbohydrates, vitamin B6, and fiber. Along with this eating, bananas increases dopamine level in our body that improve our mood. You can consider Bananas as the best food to boost Stamina at a cheap price.

3. Almonds/Peanuts:

Almonds and Peanuts are mostly used to improve your metabolism, thereby improving your stamina.

The best way to eat Almonds is in the Morning (Soak them for a night then eat) and Peanuts are the best alternative to Almonds.

You can eat Peanut Butter with Brown Breads at breakfast or if not possible then eat Peanuts with jaggery to gain healthy fats in your body.

4. Eggs & Fish:

Without discussing whether eggs are veg or non-veg I will say Eggs are the greatest source of Proteins and Body tissues that helps to build stamina.

Eating an Egg daily keeps you energetic and you never feel fatigued. No Fatigueness means high energy means Eggs are Good Food to boost Stamina.

Fishes like salmon and tuna contain a high value of Fatty Acid Vitamin B and Protein. Around 100gm of fish can contain 50% of Protein value.

Omega-3, fatty acids, two – EPA and DHA – are primarily found in fish; I Mentioned Fatty Acid here because it helps in the optimal functionality of the body.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green Leafy Vegetables contains a high amount of Iron quantity, and iron improves Red blood cells’ RBC count in our body.

If you feel fatigued every day it means you are having a low RBC count and you can try these Green Vegetables to improve your Iron in the blood instead of Iron tablets.

If you consume Green Vegetables in SALAD it provides instant energy thereby improve your Stamina.

6. yogurt:

yogurt contains packed proteins that help to improve the digestion process. yogurt carbs are sugar enrich that can be broken down by our body to get ready to use Energy sources that boost stamina.

yogurt Also contains vitamins B2 and B12 that work as fuel to our body cells. Additionally, the Latic Acid in yogurt helps to tone our skin that works as anti-aging.

7. Dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate with less sugar helps improving Blood circulation in our body. Dark chocolate contains cocoa content.

This Antioxidant agent improves Oxygen supply through the blood to all body parts reducing Fatigue in the body and improve energy.

Best Drinks to boost Stamia
Best Drinks to Boost Stamina

List of the Best Drinks to Boost Stamina:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Banana Shake
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Orange Juide/Lemon Juice
  • Tea/Coffee
  • Coconut Water

1. Water:

Water contributes a major role in our body function, it helps from improving digestion to remove residue out from the body.

A constipated stomach can feel you unhappy but drinking warm water give you relief from constipation improving your mood.

Regular intake of water fight against muscle fatigue and boost stamina. you can add sugar/lemon to water in Summar to regain instant energy.

2. Milk:

Milk is the primary source to any child in our world, it gives all necessary nutrients to the child from the mother.

Milk is enriched in Proteins and Good Fats, Just like banana Milk is a favorite drink for gym lovers.

If you add some supplements with the Milk (with doctor advice) it can take away the nutrients deficiency from your body.

3. Aloe vera juice:

Aloe vera juice has the potential to improve the production of testosterone (unproven claim), known as the primary male sex hormone.

Aloe vera juice helps in Constipation by its natural property. It also contains antioxidants that help to reduce fatigue and improve stamina.

4. Banana Milk Shake:

The Banana Shake or Banana Milk Shake is a combined energy source of Bananas and Milk.

Banana Shake contains Zero Fat, high in nutrients, minerals, and Fibers. It contains Vitamin B6, potassium, and sugars.

Sugars can be broken down by the body for an instant source of energy. Banana Milkshake can be used as a pre-exercise drink for Gym Stamina.

5. Orange/Lemon Juice:

We all know Orange and lemon are a rich sources of Vitamin C and the Vitamin C helps in the improvement of Muscular Endurance, and hence Boosting Stamina.

Drinking Orange/Lemon Juice in Summar can keep you hydrated and gives instant energy.

6. Tea/Coffee:

Tea/Coffee are the most favorite energy drinks in INDIA, can be used as instant refreshing energy drinks.

L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in tea. If L-theanine Combined with caffeine may help increase energy and Body Performance.

Coffee Helps Burn Fat and Boost Energy, consuming Tea/Coffee in the morning improves Metabolism and burn fat.

The Best part of Tea/Coffee is, it reduces fatigue and improves concentration.

Just like Best Food, there is some worst Food and drinks that decreases Stamina Level. So if you are really serious about your Stamina levels keep eye on what you eat/drink.

Worst Food that decrease stamina level
Worst Food that decreases stamina

List of the Worst Food that Decrease Stamina:

  • Fast Food
  • Fried Food
  • White Bread, Pasta
  • Foods With Added Sugars

1. Fast Food:

Eating Fast food sometimes is not bad but most of the Fast Food is made up of Fine Flour (मैदा), that is hard to digest.

Eating Fast Food every time may fulfill your wish/stomach but the nutrients your body wants will not be provided.

So keep a Proper diet and eat Food that gives you Carbs, Protein, Vitamins, etc. This keeps your muscles strong and Boosts up your Stamina.

2. Fried Food:

Fried Food like rissole (समोसा) and French Fries type food contains Oil that contains cholesterol that is not good for the heart.

Even if you see refined Oil Ads on TV the refine Process contains adding more Chemicals to the Oil.

Try to take the less oily products in your diet or find out Edible Oil that is made with a natural process (eg. Oil made with Wooden oil Pressed Machine.)

3. White Bread/Pasta:

White Bread or Pasta is part of Fast Food made from Fine Flour, they are easy and quick to make but hard to digest.

Also, you won’t get any nutritional value out of these Bread/Pasta after consuming them.

4. Foods with added Sugar:

You might have seen some Good Food/Drinks above that are good to Boost Stamina but they might become worse if you add Extra sugar to them.

Artificial Sugar is made with the chemical process on Sugarcane juice and chemicals are harmful to our body. Large Amounts of Sugar Are Turned into Fat in Your Liver.

And When you drink tea/coffee with added sugar, Yogurt with added sugar, or any other food with added sugar it harms your body.

Alternative to Sugar: You can use Jaggery alternative to Sugar in possible food, like Tea/Coffee this will control your sugar consumption and keep you healthy.

Worst Drinks that Decrease Stamina
Worst Drinks that decreases stamina

List of the Worst Drinks that Decrease Stamina:

  • Cold Drinks & Soda
  • Alcohol Drinks
  • Smoking

1. Cold Drinks and Soda:

Cold Drinks and Soda are chemically produced sweet drinks preserved at low temperatures. These Beverages do not contain any nutrition just Sugar and chemicals.

Consumption of Cold Drinks and Soda means consuming Sugar calories with no added vitamins and proteins.

Consuming Sugar can create Insuline Disorder, create extra fat on the liver, increase heart disease, dental disease, diabetes, etc.

2. Alcohol Drinks:

Alcohol is also a chemically processed drink that can be addictive. Drinking a fine amount of Alcohol stimulates your nervous system and pushes you to do some adventurous tasks.

But Addiction to alcohol is risky as it cause Heart disease, High BP, Stroke Chances, Fatigue muscles, etc.

3. Smoking:

Smoking, taking nicotine, or other drugs in the form of Smoking are also addictive and cause several disadvantages to our bodies.

Smoking creates cancer and damage our Lungs, Smoking is so addictive that if you don’t smoke you will feel restless and lose your concentration.

Stamina needs a strong heart and Smoking/Drinking alcohol/Cold Drinks damage our Lungs and heart.


If you want to stay fit and filled with stamina, then eat Good Food to boost stamina and Good Drinks without added sugar.

With Good food, you should give at least 1 hr a day to do exercise and walking/Running.

Also, keep sleeping on a priority, enough sleep is always good to boost Stamina level and make you feel fresh.