How does Sleep Affect Stamina? – The Relationship

Lack of sleep affects stamina just like our mood. If you are working so hard that can not complete your sleep then it can affect your energy levels and hence the stamina.

Oversleeping can also affect your stamina because oversleeping slows down your metabolism that may make you lazy.

Your daily routine affects your sleeping time. So, let’s see how to keep your sleep balance? and stay healthy in a tight schedule.

As we know Stamina is also dependent upon Mindstate so Lack of Sleep also affects your Stamina.

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How does Sleep Affect Stamina
How does Sleep Affect Stamina?

How Lack of Sleep Affect Stamina?

  • It Decrease Concentration
  • Affects Digestion/Metabolism
  • Increase chance of illness
  • Feel Fatigue all the day
  • Quicker Exauction
  • Affects Mood and your Decisions

Think like our body is a big factory and every part of our body is a machine. Now if we do not give rest to the machines then the performance of those machines get reduce.

Similarly, If we continuously keep working without proper sleep our Brain & Heart performance decreases and indirectly affecting other parts of our body.

An incompatible Brain will affect your mood and you will feel difficulty in taking decisions.

An Incompatible Heart will pump low oxygen through the blood and hence you will feel fatigued all day.

Sleep Hours for Different Age Groups:

Now, let’s understand how much sleep is enough for different age groups so that their body can perform well and improve their stamina. (according to MayoClinic)

Age groupsRecommended Hours including Naps
4 months to 12 months12 to 16 hours Daily
1 to 2 years11 to 14 hours Daily
3 to 5 years10 to 13 hours Daily
6 to 12 years9 to 12 hours Daily
13 to 18 years8 to 10 hours Daily
18+ Adults7 or more hours Daily
Recommended Hours of Sleep for different Age Groups

As shown in the table above it is not mandatory you must sleep for the same hours but those hours are enough to keep your Hear & Mind healthy.

How to Sleep Better without any Disturbance?

Even though you have enough time for sleeping but you could not sleep well then still it can affect your health and hence the Stamina.

Here are some basic tips to follow for getting better sleep at night. Avoid taking Sleeping pills without doctos advice.

  • Try to Avoid use of Mobile/Laptop/TV 2 hrs before Sleeping.
  • Wash your Eyes with cold water to remove Eyes Stress and Eaching.
  • Dont drink water before sleeping to avoide nightmares, and Bladder pressure.
  • If you work hard for the day then take a Warm water Bath to remove Stress.
  • Good Thaughts Relax out body and we slowly fall asleep.
  • If you like Music listen to the music at lower volume.
  • If you have a partner cuddle each other to feel relax.
  • Little amount of Exercise (walking) at evening can help you in better sleep.

You can have your own tricks to get relax and get better sleep at night. You can share your experience with us so we can add them here.